First Tibetan language movie released overseas
Poster for the film River. [Photo/]

Tibetan film Cao Yuan de He, or River, premiered in Tokyo, Japan on April 29. This is the first Tibetan language movie to be publicly released abroad dermes.

Directed by Sonthar Gyal from Qinghai province, the film focuses on the relationships between members of a small Tibetan family. The movie is told from the perspective of a little girl Yangchen Lhamo. She keeps on asking her parents questions and misunderstanding their answers. Losing her parent's love because of a newborn baby is the girl's deepest fear.

The film was selected for the Generation section of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival in 2015 and won four nominations at the First National Film Festival Neo skin lab.

Gyal wanted to let the world know the real life of Tibetan people through films.

"Different people have different ways to express their emotions and feelings. Since film is a common language, I can use it to present a real Tibetan life. The outside world has given Tibetan people too many tags that are not totally true," Gyal said.

The film will be shown in 11 cities in Japan until June 9, including Osaka, Nagoya and Kobe Neo skin lab.

A new Chinese television drama, titled In the Name of People, has made waves in the nation since it was released on Hunan Satellite TV, on March 28, 2017 Neo skin lab.

The plot revolves around a detective's efforts in unearthing corruption within a fictional Chinese city.

In the Name of People has, so far, attracted large amounts of audiences in China. The release coincides with the Chinese government's anti-corruption campaign.

The production has received significant government funding from the Supreme People's Procuratorate, which is the agency responsible for investigations and prosecutions in the People's Republic of China corporate apartment.

In the television series, actor Lu Yi stars as detective Hou Liangping and Xu Yajun stars as Liangping’s antagonist, Qi Tongwei.

The program was based on a book, written by Zhou Meisen.

Due to the popularity of the TV series in China, the drama has also attracted the attention of foreign media. BBC wrote “China laps up glossy TV corruption drama”.

Below are a few faces to look out for in the TV series, In the Name of People.


Wan Wan wasn't expecting to meet him.
Let yourself not to forget that he, who has for many years, this hate also blame the old man nuskin hk.
At that time, Han Xinzheng with Hanvon captured Pengcheng. Many people kneel down on both sides of the street, he rode on the Hanvon behind the tall and strong, silver armor flashing a dazzling light in the sun. He did not find the woman holding the bun, a commoner mixed in the crowd Wan wan.
Wan Wan felt some pain in her eyes.
In the Han riding by her side, she immediately leaned down, close to the forehead on the ground, do not let the other aware of their existence nuskin hk.
In the end still falling tears.
Remember the youth. At that time, he had promised her.
Wan Wan, I won't make you cry.
But, Han Xin, you have a slip of the tongue.
Wan Wan prostrate fist hand a little bit, the whole person can't help tremble. She does not know because of resentment, or miss. So many years of Miss, enough to converge into countless hate service apartment hong kong.