Panzhihua, also known as the hero, in Shenzhen, is called kapok. Perhaps it is a special cause of it, my life journey across thousands of miles, but there has been a strain of Panzhihua blind date. In Panzhihua play, grow, work in Panzhihua, life. Today, I live in a red Panzhihua trees.

Shenzhen is a beautiful city, and I think the most beautiful in March. Shenzhen March, Panzhihua hot to red, such as the flame, such as glow, brilliant and ecstasy. Whenever this season, my heart is always drunk smoked, Panzhihua glamorous, such as spirits, intoxicated with the bright spring sunshine intoxicated me.

Panzhihua is a hero tree, I think Panzhihua is a beautiful woman in the tree, tall and straight, stalwart, Jingya, mature, brilliant but not demon, do not have a female masculine beauty, people want to make pro-people love . I think this kind of beauty is not like Lin sister, but Phi Kennedy Zhiyi dare one million in the military rush, Mu Guiying style, I appreciate this beauty. Naturally, whenever this time also brought back my feelings. I miss home, missing home of Panzhihua. Hometown of Panzhihua is more lively, more passionate.

My hometown in northern Yunnan, Wumeng down the Jinsha River, named Qiaojia, where the mountains and plains are Panzhihua. Upright in the farmland side, Enron in the valley ditch, watch on the hillside, more is standing in the sand ditch banks, they are loyal to guard the village and the garden.

Panzhihua red home early, each to the beginning of the twelfth lunar month, it is the number of nine cold days, Panzhihua to Pilipala to red, red was simply, completely red, burning, that is lively, violent, hot! Childhood in the climbing tree work and play, Panzhihua tree climbing and search. Panzhihua tree has been lying under the tree that is cut Panzhihua blue sky, aimlessly, doing the dream of wood for fish.

Lunar October, Panzhihua began to fall leaves, the children were driven by their parents to catch Panzhihua leaves, loaded with a large basket full back, back home to do the fuel. Some things always do not understand, in the production of household before the farmers not only food is not enough to eat, that is not enough to eat the food cooked has become a big problem, almost every household is not enough firewood, grass was cut roots, shrubs were even Root planing. In order to cook the rice, children every day to grasp the Panzhihua leaves. If it is night winds, but also picked up broken branches, it will have a harvest of satisfaction and joy. In addition to labor, and ultimately, play, Panzhihua leaves have long and tough leaf stalks, leaf stems is a toy, two children, each with a U-shaped trap, pull back, such as tug of war, Broken, the first break for the lost. On such a small leaf stems, children are always fun to play, innocent laughing brilliant valley and fields.

To the winter months, Panzhihua Guduoduo, conical bones, picking straw from the middle of a plug, it became a small gyro, thumb and index finger pinch the grass a twist to the ground a release, the gyroscope will turn Up, the race who turn for a long time. Joy, excitement, cheering, happy and forgetting to return, by the mother to find a meal over the curse is common.

The twelfth lunar month, Panzhihua opened, a dangerous competition also began, children climbing tens of meters high tree, picking flowers. Flowers can be back home when the food to eat, very delicious; can also be back to the street to sell for money, selling price is not cheap. Picking Panzhihua is a dangerous labor, but the children are not aware of the danger, they enjoy the fun and excitement of climbing SEO Hong Kong. Picking was almost, and indispensable to play the game under the tree. The red petals from the middle of the two pieces, very sticky, attached to the forehead, attached to the cheek, attached to the nose, play chicken ghost play off the public, is endless fun. Occasionally, children fell from the tree down, disabled or died, there are parents to prohibit their children climb Panzhihua tree. However, as long as the flowers to the season, the children still open or steal Yu climbing trees, children like Panzhihua. Big people also understand that life is always a disaster with three calamities and various risks, birds eat death, in order to survive to be a price.

The following year is two or three months, Panzhihua trees covered with cotton boll, we call Boat bud. Boat mature, and will explode, white cotton fly over the sky, hard shells fall, shaped like a small boat child, naturally can be picked up to play. Children often can not wait for their children to fall, often tigers climbed up the tree, picked off a pile, stripping, the little boat into the ditches or creek, voyage, voyage. Children are issued by the fleet, carrying the innocence, cut the joy, carrying happiness, cut the dream, heading for the distance. However, it may also carry only a blank, childhood blank, childhood without so heavy, childhood should be blank.

In retrospect, that material lack of childhood, but it is so happy and beautiful. No one forced you to study, first and foremost labor, not seen the so-called toys, life should be monotonous, the heart is sunny, colorful, without the slightest regret!

Panzhihua is easy to grow the tree, casually cut down a branch to the sill on a plug, the coming year is a robust tree. Sometimes, cut a nail on the hillside tied animals, and then you have long forgotten, a few years later you will be surprised to find that there has grown into a tall Panzhihua trees. But in addition to making small wooden Panzhihua, the furniture can not do any, when the fire does not stir, in people's eyes is not high economic value, coupled with a large crown, affecting the growth of crops, the production system to households, it becomes Was eliminated objects, Panzhihua suffered ruthless deforestation, hometown Panzhihua less and less dermes vs medilase.

Spring home, most want to eat a dish is Panzhihua fried lobster cake. However, the price of Panzhihua soaring, to do a Panzhihua pan, need a basket of flowers, and a mention of blue flowers have been sold for forty or fifty dollars, and probably difficult to board the ordinary people of the dining table. Things to rare ah!


Dialect is the native language, this is the pure mother tongue. Generally grew up from rural areas, have a deep dialect of experience and memory, are infiltrated into the bone of blood. Beginning with babbling, the tone is dialect, followed by dialectal enlightenment, dialectal learning, dialectal communication, dialect growth, and natural dialect input to the brain's language system, the memory in the mind in. Sometimes recall the dialect, there is an indescribable feeling, both a special kind of intimacy, there are some inconveniences caused by the dialect. The pros and cons of dialect has caused me to think deeply, affecting my thoughts, brought back my memories of the past hong kong company registrar.

Speaking of dialects, because I grew up in rural areas, to work in the town has been working, Mandarin is not how good, usually very few exchanges with Mandarin, the passage of time, accustomed to using the dialect, and he felt not Out of dialect what is bad, even occasionally to the big city, also barely put it in the past. Can be a June 2014 folk songs, touched me a lot, so I really feel the inconvenience caused by the dialect. It is I go to Jiangsu Xinyi folk songs, I came to the dialect with Jiaodong dialect Sibu Xinyi Xinan City, with each other to communicate between the dialect, are not very smooth, it seems a bit awkward. If the exchange of each other slowly, ten words can understand four or five, if that is fast, mostly with dialect communication, it can only understand one or two, they say, do not understand what I said , In fact, I do not understand what they said, had pleasant things, and sometimes it seems helpless, very embarrassing, which I have never encountered before. Fortunately, a friend of Nanjing quickly came to help, only to break the jackpot, he was very humorous, said: "Let me give you when the translation." Let people laugh in the dialect to disperse the embarrassing situation.

By the dialect I also think of childhood hear allusions, listen to the old home said such a story, the past poverty and backwardness of the old home village, a young man forced by the livelihood of the Northeast alone to break through the East, where a few months , The other did not learn, first learned the Northeast cavity, the belly from the stomach with the dialect to change almost the same. When he was homesick, he came back happily from the northeast, visiting friends and family from house to house. An old man of the family met him and asked enthusiastically, "When did you come back?" The young man listened to the old man so concerned about him, flattered, enthusiastic replied: "Uncle, I came back last night. The elders a, just go out a few months of epigenetic how to put their dialect to change, a long time, even my uncle can not recognize this, the young man is really incredible. So, the elderly with the lessons of irony, said: "You come back last night (bowl), not sitting on a plate to come back fully furnished?" This story has been in the home was passed on to joke.

When troops in the army, thousands of miles away from home, rarely heard the dialect, whenever I heard the dialect, felt particularly friendly, dialect of the finish will be in the minds of maneuver half a day. Whenever the fellow comrades, all with a pure dialect of the story of his hometown, felt a deep sense of rural flavor, pull each other closer to the distance. Comrades' parents, his fiancee from his home to the troops, we heard that after the past to visit, comrades relatives said authentic dialect, happy to introduce the simple nostalgia, we are away from home a few years Of the wanderer, hear with relish, feel very kind, and have changed the dialect is not very pure response, when the dialect closer to each other's distance, enhance the feelings between fellow. In 1986, I went home from the army to visit relatives, all the way to go the more dense dialect, to Shandong, listening to the car in the Shandong radio announcer broadcast, feel infiltration intimacy, and the passengers around with the dialect exchange , Feel more cordial, to Weifang, Pingdu, listening to the thick dialect, home flavor more and more concentrated, the mood is quite different ifco deco.

Everything is youth.
Now, I feel the best state is to be able to do anything but work hard, no burden. Enter the University, facing a new board and I need to seriously think about how to make it more colorful, a group of young people in the palace, is the freedom of thought, independent personality. Three months of intentions, I can give a positive answer, and at this age, music should not be too late <a style="color:#080000;text-decoration:none;" href="http://partnernet.hktb.com/uk/en/trade_support/tour_planning/index.html">Hong Kong Tour Guides</a>.
Some time ago, sister in Shanghai bought their own idol concert tickets, looking into a carefree atmosphere, full of joy. She is my aunt would like to make a phone call to share her joy excited results is forbidden to her aunt. A face down, give me a video that is already known not to tell her sister, aunt said is not assured, not safety. But I also know that the character of her sister, even if she would also like to listen to the concert, I can feel the enthusiasm of my sister for idol, this is her too want to go to the "youth of about". She went, looked at the full swing of the fluorescent bar, listening to Telles's pure accent, I believe that the moment of the mood is unparalleled. At that moment, she must be happy to the extreme.
And this thing finally ended, is the aunt know many days after the cold war, ignoring my sister. Good sister can understand although aunt, but she is still willing to violate the wishes of aunt go to the scene, she said: This is her wish at the age of 20 most want to feel happy. She is very satisfied.
Happy, not late <a style="color:#080000;text-decoration:none;" href="http://partnernet.hktb.com/india/en/trade_support/specialist_programmes/index.html">tourism online training</a>.
Young, does not mean not mature. Most of the time we were too protective parents, especially the mother is always worried about my children, to worry about chores, even though we certainly say they can do. Eighteen nine years of age, we will particularly want to become a free soul, willing to want to do the hard work, even if it is to take, but also eager, not afraid of wrestling, this is the mentality of the young.
I told mother sister, mother and aunt to the same tone: "so far, the outside world is so complex, how will the adults trust it. Listen to the concert well, after they have the ability to listen, and now want to buy a CD is not on the line." In this case, it does not surprise me, mothers have been taken care of children to prevent grounds, we do things independently. Is because of this, we owed a lot of the things that should be done in an age. If I listen to CD, I can not personally feel the thousand people's Carnival, if I wait until the parents completely assured of the age, I do not know whether it can maintain such enthusiasm. Too many times, really missed being late <a style="color:#080000;text-decoration:none;" href="http://partnernet.hktb.com/russia/ru/e_marketplace/index.html">туры в Гонконг</a>.
I am also a person who likes to share, what ideas will be shared with his mother, even if it's just a mouth addiction, but also to say to let their first surge for a while. At this time, the father is always the most to face, he will accompany me to plan some time, even if it does not know what time, and the mother will always reveal the essence of reality, people are not interested. In fact, there are many words, we are cooperating with the dream said ah, a piece that we just wanted to enrich the inner unrealistic things, do not need to remind we can also understand the reality. Just that moment, I am very happy.
Each age group of people have the mentality of each age, there is not the same understanding of the world, there is not the same understanding of things, to the things that have not the same feeling, there are not the same happiness. For example, I now, but also believe that the poem and the distance, looking forward to a group of people drinking and riding a horse, but also to try the various possibilities of life, in the hope that things have been a long time is still infinite joy. This is a feeling, especially my eighteen years old.
I can't imagine I could have sentimental receded, hope is now stick to things, afraid of their own after the rampage fragile pride are scattered on the ground, I fear I will not now such a happy sunshine, I am now as long as you work hard now. After all, life is in front of you. As for the future, it is another matter. Now, it's not too late to be happy.
So take advantage of the young, this life can also have a lot of different, taking advantage of the young to do an exciting roller coaster, taking advantage of the young jump, while young to listen to a concert, while the young to take their own travel. This is what I want to be at the age of 20 to get the happiness, after all, while the young, the pursuit of the most want to do.
Happy, not too late.