Such as blue mood lonely flower
Enjoy a lonely mood like orchid, lonely flower.
Is to enjoy a person's time, static if Enron, with the clock ticking in the garden.  Walking in the quiet courtyard, looking at the vast sky, the heart with the birds of the sky soar maxthon . The wind soothing thoughts, swaying with the wind on the cloud smart. With clouds walk, let the noisy red sank to the bottom. Whatever things, do not ask the red, with clouds, grass, flowers, no waves in the world, the exclusive elegant mellow. A secluded orchid in a deserted Valley Masaoki, let show scholarly feelings, in the end suv car rental.
A song lightly drifting away, "if some things make you disappointed, if some people let you heartache, if some words always did not speak, I ask you to forgive them instead". The faint sadness thrown in a corner, no longer think of.
A person in the world without people can understand the feelings of pleasure, then smile blossoming, depressed world so gentle rain erosion. Don't want to go into the world of others, also do not want to let others into my world, keep a good memory, in the quiet corner, let the tide waves beautiful reverie heart.
I am there, I am still there, love or not love is there, still there. A heart, a piece of territory, had stopped for you how many beautiful. Don't bother to disturb, not lonely, lonely is d medicine, elegant fragrance, a person in the world is also very good. Enjoy the lonely, elegant space, the loneliness is also full of flowers. O lonely dermes.


That a small yellow, that a wonderful, that a pleasant.
That a small yellow, I do not know that this little color without eyes, why touch my heart, it looked so end to her, my heart floated into the first time we meet the time and space Wedding planner.
It was a summer, hot sun baked the earth, eyes that are pleased to green, withstood the most severe moment, I see the water vapor in the rise, I can not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, you want to give me the throat Cooling down to prevent it will really burn up, under the woods that shade, gave me the hope of Health.
Under the shade, I took a breath, enjoy the garden in the dynamic painting, thin breeze blowing slowly, jumping flowers, give my heart to add a trace of vitality. Looking at the front of the United States, my heart up, my eyes moved up, the heart of a broad front of a beautiful.
Then I saw her, perhaps I should not see to see her, that a small yellow flowers, may not be called flowers, and now she is just open up a flower bones, with this see her beauty, but also in the Flowers blooming flowers, she is too modest, and can only be a foil to the leaves Wedding planner.
The reason I will see to her, it is because, compared to the height of her flowers and flowers only half of it, compared to green grass, she is higher than the front line, then open the flowers bones, flowers In less than a glance, in the Baicao is straight ahead, no fear of flowers of the United States, efforts to bloom, no fear of hot light, the effort to want high, to exert their greatest strength, showing their beauty, but now She is still not a glance of the concept .
In the summer, always brilliant, but there will always be a day or two of disagreement, I do not know when the dark sky down, the wind is also growing, to bring a bit of cool summer heat. I know this is the storm came to the former, and sure enough, a short while big beans rain falling from the sky, the rain with the wind, the wind sandwiched the rain, heavy hit the glass, the clang clang clang clang.
I do not know how, and suddenly remembered that flower bed in that a flower, thinking she was weak in the wind and rain in the swing until the rain was broken Yaoxie, I can not imagine in the next, only in the heart again Give hope.
North of the summer, the wind and rain to the fierce, to fast, when the rain stopped the moment, I walked out the window to the one flower, only one I found her, she bloom, it belongs to her beauty , At this moment only her, flowers in the wind and rain drooping head, and even the falling petals, although this time they are still beautiful, but I think the most beautiful only that a small yellow flowers, high flowers, blue sky , The sun quietly walked out, under her leadership, flowers once again raised his head, competing to show their beauty.
These beautiful, lost, lost in the flower was not worth mentioning, I only remember the rain, a high flowers, toward the sky, the sun, blooming their own, that moment, that moment, this world only her , The most beautiful of her, the United States to flowers sadly bow. Not square objects.
That a small yellow flower, in the minds of bloom, I still remember that a good business bank account requirement.
Think of the past, gone once, blossom season, for whom the Ming, a loess, a read eternal.

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