Winter office workers eat breakfast
We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The so-called "breakfast is tonic". The breakfast nutrition directly determines the quality of the day's diet, does not eat breakfast, or breakfast quality is too low, will reduce the quality of the morning work , It is easy to feel tired, unable to concentrate, or even be mixed to sleep. In such a cold winter morning, if you do not eat breakfast will make you feel whole body trembling, through the cold.
Western milk bread breakfast

Just buy a toaster, bake for three minutes, add a slice of cheese or spread a little blueberry jam while taking the milk out of the freezer and heat it in the microwave for a minute or three and eat it in less than three minutes. If you buy a preheating battery online, you will get an extensive range of the product with colour and voltage options. The payment options are equally diverse and the preheat battery will be delivered to your doorstep!This takes only a total of 6 minutes. Or, you can also heat the 2 minutes of milk time, soak in instant oatmeal or mixed cereal slices, the same can be eaten in 6 minutes, you heat out, if the morning with a little fruit and nuts, breakfast The nutrition is full.
Hot egg noodle breakfast
In order to save the morning time, you can burn hot water on the first day in a warm bottle, if there is an electric tea pot more convenient, fast water. And then pour boiling water into the pot, even the water in the thermos bottle, 1 minute can boil, and then into the noodles, thrown into the first few days pick a good wash of vegetables, or a chopped tomato, into a Egg, five or six minutes, you can enjoy it. There are soup and noodles, eggs, vegetables, nutrition is very comprehensive. Is also the most suitable for winter breakfast food, will make you warm to go to work.
Takeaway breakfast is also healthy
Outside the fast food is also an option, as long as I remember the staple food, soy products or meat or milk, vegetables and fruits, three complete, is a qualified breakfast. For example, buns with bean curd, although only two things, but basically to meet the requirements. If you drink a bowl of hot porridge, add a little salad is the best choice.
Delicious Chinese breakfast
Chinese food is not difficult to prepare. Prepare steamed stuffed buns, soft pancakes, hard-boiled fried rice and the like in the morning. Heat it up in the morning while warming up a bowl of soymilk in a microwave oven or a bowl of instant seaweed soup, or three or five minutes . If the rest of the meal is served the night before, separate out one serving as a rice bowl in advance. The next morning it can be eaten for two minutes and it is even better if you add a little boiled dish or add a fruit.
Prepare emergency nutrition food in advance
What to do if there is no time to have breakfast because of lateness? Prepare some emergency food in the kitchen, except for the fruits you just mentioned, boxed or bottled milk, yogurt and soy milk, or grains Powder, black sesame paste, etc., to the unit washed with hot water, or after the milk is heated and then adjust, you can also take a little stripped of nuts, as a snack is not bad. But remember to go out to drink warm water, or milk, so as to ease the outside cold, and the body because there is no calories more cold.
Winter time, working-class friends best to eat breakfast indoors, many people get up early rush to work, never eat breakfast, so long-term continue to hurt people's health, it is best for office workers friends, the best at home Eaten breakfast to go to work, otherwise do not eat breakfast, morning work efficiency is very low.
Office workers a week nutrition breakfast recipe
With: 1 to 2 coconut toast, bacon 2, fruit salad 1 (similar to the weight of KFC), cream lily soup 1 copies.
Nutritional components: calories 685.2 kcal, protein 26.9g, fat 25.2g, carbohydrate 87.5g, vitamin C 11.54 micrograms, calcium 72.59mg, iron 5.62mg, zinc 3.00mg, copper 1.30mg.
With: Hangzhou dumplings 50 grams (2), spiced tea eggs 1, eight treasures dish 1 (a small dish), small wonton 50 grams.
Nutritional components: calories 5785 kcal, protein 28.0g, fat 21.9g, carbohydrates 67.2g, vitamin A 138.88 micrograms, vitamin B10.50mg, vitamin B20.30mg, vitamin C 0.20mg, calcium 62.84mg, iron 7.42mg, Zinc 3.29 mg, Copper 0.34 mg.
With: chocolate omelets 1 a 2, spicy chicken wings 1-2, hot and sour melon 1, pure fresh milk 300ml.

Nutritional components: calories 741.7 kcal, protein 27.6g, fat 32.3g, carbohydrates 85.0g, vitamin A198.77mg, micrograms of vitamin B1O.19mg, vitamin B20.53mg, vitamin C9.99mg, calcium 333.05mg, iron 4.83mg, Zinc 3.65 mg, Cu 1.36 mg.
With: milk king package 50 grams, through the tenderloin (cooked food) 1-2 tablets, mix three wire (carrot, pepper, potatoes) 1, 50 grams of black rice porridge purple.
Nutritional Components: Calories 581.7 kcal, protein 26.2 g, fat 16.4 g, carbohydrates 81.4 g, vitamin A 142.99, micrograms of vitamin B 10.21 mg, vitamin B 20.20 mg, vitamin C 13.54 mg, calcium 43.29 mg, iron 4.76 mg, Zinc 4.84 mg, Copper 0.37 mg.
With: 1 shrimp burger, vegetable salad 1, pea cream soup 1.
Nutritional components: calories 7046. Kcal, protein 19.6g, fat 40.1g, carbohydrates 69.3g, vitamin A192.27 micrograms, vitamin B1013mg, vitamin B20.15mg, vitamin C28.44mg, calcium 153.33mg, iron 4.52mg, zinc 2.77 mg, 0.5 mg copper.
on Saturday
With: bean bag 50 grams, 2 pieces of sauce chicken liver, mixed with a red bean, white fungus longan white porridge 50 grams.
Nutritional components: calories 690.2 kcal, protein 27.0g, fat 15.5g, carbohydrates 110.2g, vitamin A 11.69g, micrograms of vitamin B 10.38mg, vitamin B20.23mg, vitamin C2.19mg, calcium 177.85mg, iron 8.22mg, Zinc 3.88 mg, Copper 0.93 mg.
Weeks breakfast workers working week recipe, Monday, Wednesday and Friday the best for a bag of milk, add 1 bag of cereal, fresh meat bag 1-3, a banana. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday is the best bowl of porridge (100 grams), plus a fried egg, steamed bread (vegetable bag) 1, 1 bottle of yogurt.