Everything is youth.
Now, I feel the best state is to be able to do anything but work hard, no burden. Enter the University, facing a new board and I need to seriously think about how to make it more colorful, a group of young people in the palace, is the freedom of thought, independent personality. Three months of intentions, I can give a positive answer, and at this age, music should not be too late 
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Some time ago, sister in Shanghai bought their own idol concert tickets, looking into a carefree atmosphere, full of joy. She is my aunt would like to make a phone call to share her joy excited results is forbidden to her aunt. A face down, give me a video that is already known not to tell her sister, aunt said is not assured, not safety. But I also know that the character of her sister, even if she would also like to listen to the concert, I can feel the enthusiasm of my sister for idol, this is her too want to go to the "youth of about". She went, looked at the full swing of the fluorescent bar, listening to Telles's pure accent, I believe that the moment of the mood is unparalleled. At that moment, she must be happy to the extreme.
And this thing finally ended, is the aunt know many days after the cold war, ignoring my sister. Good sister can understand although aunt, but she is still willing to violate the wishes of aunt go to the scene, she said: This is her wish at the age of 20 most want to feel happy. She is very satisfied.
Happy, not late <a style="color:#080000;text-decoration:none;" href="https://partnernet.hktb.com/india/en/trade_support/specialist_programmes/index.html">tourism online training</a>.
Young, does not mean not mature. Most of the time we were too protective parents, especially the mother is always worried about my children, to worry about chores, even though we certainly say they can do. Eighteen nine years of age, we will particularly want to become a free soul, willing to want to do the hard work, even if it is to take, but also eager, not afraid of wrestling, this is the mentality of the young.
I told mother sister, mother and aunt to the same tone: "so far, the outside world is so complex, how will the adults trust it. Listen to the concert well, after they have the ability to listen, and now want to buy a CD is not on the line." In this case, it does not surprise me, mothers have been taken care of children to prevent grounds, we do things independently. Is because of this, we owed a lot of the things that should be done in an age. If I listen to CD, I can not personally feel the thousand people's Carnival, if I wait until the parents completely assured of the age, I do not know whether it can maintain such enthusiasm. Too many times, really missed being late <a style="color:#080000;text-decoration:none;" href="http://partnernet.hktb.com/russia/ru/e_marketplace/index.html">туры в Гонконг</a>.
I am also a person who likes to share, what ideas will be shared with his mother, even if it's just a mouth addiction, but also to say to let their first surge for a while. At this time, the father is always the most to face, he will accompany me to plan some time, even if it does not know what time, and the mother will always reveal the essence of reality, people are not interested. In fact, there are many words, we are cooperating with the dream said ah, a piece that we just wanted to enrich the inner unrealistic things, do not need to remind we can also understand the reality. Just that moment, I am very happy.
Each age group of people have the mentality of each age, there is not the same understanding of the world, there is not the same understanding of things, to the things that have not the same feeling, there are not the same happiness. For example, I now, but also believe that the poem and the distance, looking forward to a group of people drinking and riding a horse, but also to try the various possibilities of life, in the hope that things have been a long time is still infinite joy. This is a feeling, especially my eighteen years old.
I can't imagine I could have sentimental receded, hope is now stick to things, afraid of their own after the rampage fragile pride are scattered on the ground, I fear I will not now such a happy sunshine, I am now as long as you work hard now. After all, life is in front of you. As for the future, it is another matter. Now, it's not too late to be happy.
So take advantage of the young, this life can also have a lot of different, taking advantage of the young to do an exciting roller coaster, taking advantage of the young jump, while young to listen to a concert, while the young to take their own travel. This is what I want to be at the age of 20 to get the happiness, after all, while the young, the pursuit of the most want to do.
Happy, not too late.