Holding his chin
This sitting position, not only unsightly, but also to support the upper body, the spine will become curved. If there is a bad habit of supporting the chin and the other side, you should immediately get rid of it.There's excellent quality vaporizer cartridge wholesale rates is available at online stores and they are with ceramic body and leak proof seal ! Different product series like pre-heat battery are also available now.
Sit cross legs
This posture will make the back deformation. If the right leg is folded over the left leg, the pelvis on the right will lift and the center of gravity will all concentrate on the left pelvis, causing the spine to bend to the right. On the contrary, the left leg in the upper, it will lead to the left curve of the spine. If you want to sit cross-legged, as often as possible to exchange legs position.
Leaning on the chair back
This sitting position, will make the abdomen unable to force, lower abdomen protruding. At the same time, it will also increase the burden on the waist, leading to spinal deformity.

Sit down
If you sit low head, then the head will be more forward than the body, the back will be more bent, resulting in stretching the length of the spine.
Camel back sit
This posture will make the head unconsciously backward Yang, Chin elevation, head weight all concentrated in the back of the neck, resulting in muscle contraction, blood circulation has an obstacle.
How to correct the wrong posture
1, if the head forward, because the neck and neck muscle stiffness. It is recommended to do some stretching neck neck muscle exercises, but only need to move the head, chin down the direction of the sternum. Maintain this position, from 1 to 5, doing 10 times a day.
2, with chest mainly because of long sitting posture error, desk work. Recommend prone floor or on the mat, arms at right angles and fingers open, shoulders pull back. Hold for 5 seconds as a move, 12 times as a group, insist on doing 2-3 groups every day.
3, belly, that pelvis anteversion, mainly due to hip flexor caused by too much. It is recommended to kneel the left leg, the right leg on the front of the body, knees bent. The body presses forward until there is a sense of stretch to the left of the hip. Then, tighten the left gluteus until the front of the hip to produce a comfortable sense of tension. Finally, lift your left arm and stretch to the right. Hold position for 30 seconds, so as an action, the body left and right sides do 3 times each.
Wrong white-collar workers sitting posture
Breast drop
Forward + humpback, the entire nest in front of the computer.
Staring at the computer's body is always unconsciously leaning forward, the chest will be close to the table, gradually squeezed to both sides, resulting in deformation and sagging. Work on the desk most likely to cause humpback and shoulder flexion, this sitting position will make the chest loose and weak, but no strength support, of course, can not resist the breast gravity myself!
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Keep in mind the principle of "boobs and fists from the table". If you always forget, you may wish to take a long, exaggerated necklace, or cut a half tennis card at the desk facing the chest, all of which can play a good role in reminding you. You can also try to change the other hand every two weeks to use the mouse (left and right mouse button to do the opposite setting), but also can effectively avoid the body to the side of the total tilt.

Mop to recline desktop, looking at the screen obliquely
Reclining on the desktop staring at the screen? The handset caught between the shoulder and head to answer the phone? These positions will make muscles near the cervical spine too nervous and reduce the blood supply to the cerebral cortex. In addition, too high or too low on the computer screen, you will unconsciously shrugged, humpback, so that the deformation of the cervical spine also can easily lead to migraine.
Correct sitting posture
First check your computer to place the middle of the display should be right in front of your chin; if possible, the phone is best to answer with a microphone or headphones, and resolutely avoid holding the handset to answer the wrong phone sitting. No need to stop typing every day of the girl, you can stick in the prominent position on the edge of the keyboard posted a small reminder, such as: "Do not shrug!"
Mouse hand
Desktop is too high, shrugged shoulders, keyboard and keyboard operation of the mouse
Women's wrists are finer, nerves in the middle of the wrist are more stressed, so the attack rate of the mouse hand is more than three times that of men! By lowering the palm of your hand and supporting your wrists on the table, all the weights Pressure on the wrist nerves, muscles and blood vessels, but also the degree of dorsiflexion wrist almost close to the maximum. If this situation persists, the hand blood circulation will be affected, the mouse hand naturally find the door!Check out the most popular sightseeing spots and Attractions in Hong Kong via PartnerNet's travel website and create unforgettable experiences for tourists.