In decorating, a lot of owner and decorate a company, building materials business produces the reason of dispute to a great extent is because of the quality problem of material. In order to reduce the occurrence of disputes in the home decoration, at the same time to ensure the use of materials to meet their own requirements, the owner in the decoration materials when entering the site to carry out strict inspection. Now let's see how the woodworking material is locked when it comes in.

Woodworking materials enter the entrance

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1. Woodworking material acceptance process

The majority of owners must do the material acceptance when the woodworking decoration materials enter the market, and the acceptance procedures must be strict. The checker should carry out necessary inspection for each kind of woodworking materials entering the market, such as whether the quality, specification and quantity of materials are consistent with the purchase contract.

1. Inform the construction party of the time of material acceptance

Woodworking material undertakes acceptance had better be arranged to be carried out immediately when material comes into play, so, agreed acceptance time is very necessary, lest appear when material comes into play, do not have time agreement, undertake acceptance to material, affect construction progress.

2. The acceptance personnel specified in the contract must be present at the time of material acceptance

It is stipulated in the home decoration contract that the checker must be present to sign for the acceptance after the woodworking materials enter the market, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles or disputes in the later period. In the material acceptance, the decoration company will inform the customer to visit the site, the supervisor will give coordination and guidance. Owners can also check contracts, quotations and gauges at the site.

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3. The acceptance procedures must be strict

The consignee shall carry out necessary inspection for each woodworking material agreement specified in the contract, such as material quality, material specifications and material quantity.

4. Sign the acceptance certificate after acceptance

If the inspection result material is qualified, the checker should sign the woodworking material inspection receipt. This is a more complete process. Because, if the material has been accepted when it enters the site, but the necessary procedures have not been fulfilled. Afterwards, I regreted again and did not accept my acceptance result. However, since the other side has no evidence in hand, there is no way to achieve such a result.